About Ezra


Ezra Engoy is a creative person. He was born in 2007. He loves video-games. When Ezra plays games, you can see him playing ROBLOX, SMASH BROS. for the wiiU, and tons of many more. He owns a computer.

Ezra loves to go to Disney Land. His favorite rides are Guardians of the Galaxy: BREAKOUT, Big Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. His favorite Disney character is Walt Disney’s first character. His name’s Oswald.

This dude’s an animal lover to dogs, mice, sea otters, otters, turtles, sloths, and bunnies. His most favorite animals are penguins and hamsters, and pigs. The animal Ezra doesn’t likes the most are bugs; specially maggots.

Mr.Ez dislikes many things; like princessly stuff, boring information, and being grounded from electronics. He also hates it when his brothers wake him up.

Ezra has made several books and comics. His favorite ones are DUH CATS series. Ezra now can draw better than the old books he has made for the web.

Ezra is a crazy, funny, and good kid. And he hopes you enjoy his website. 🙂