Dear Pizza… (Inspired by Pizza)

Dear Pizza,

I love your deliciousness and pizzaness. You make me want to cut in line when there is pizza at school. I’d rather eat you than have veggies for breakfast. If you were in SMASH BROS., I’d rather be you than Little Mac. In Minecraft, I have made a statue made of cheese for you, but my little brother destroyed it because he had no clue how to play. I wish George Lucas would replace Luke Skywalker with Pizza Skywalker. Soon, I will make a picture of a cat and a pizza to post on my website. I hope you see it when it comes out, but you have no hands or legs. You’ll just have to ask someone to help you. See you in my stomach.

Sincerely, Ezra Engoy 🙂

“Hello there, dude”


Hamster Hug

Hamsters are so cute! Too bad they’re too small to hug, but just imagine, a giant, hug-able hamster! That would be the best! But the bad thing would be that the hamster would eat you. Who cares? You’d be in a stomach of a huge hamster! 😀


Mascot Results!

I’d like to thank all of the voters who used their time to vote for a mascot. It was a very close for Sawn the Sheep and Bacon the pig.

Ok! The winner of the mascot election is… BACON THE PIG!!!

I hope you enjoy your new mascot and I hope you enjoy my website! -Ezra Engoy 


Stay tuned for a new series of cat books and some random stuff! 😀


“Thanks for voting me! OINK!”